INSTA is advanced automated software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, pubs and other Hotel outlets. It is easy to use and shows pictorial user interface for quick billing with or without touch screen. It is amongst the best restaurant software that will take care of your table management, different hall management, take always, delivery, multiple printer support, kitchen order tokens and much more. It comes out with many user friendly modules which Includes:







Table Management System

Table management can be considered as one of the biggest hassle of any restaurant and the INSTA’s table management feature will surely make this easy. The software provides a pictorial representation of the tables, takeaways, delivery and so many other operations directly making it easy for the restaurateurs to manage.


• INSTA billing software can handle very large data at a very good speed. It offers you easy election of item name.
• INSTA is smart billing software that handles the task of applying correct price to the item very efficiently. It will consider all specification and current date time. For example customer for whom bill is being made, the retail outlet from where bill is being made, current date and time for currently active promotions, inspection of different items from the bill to apply appropriate promotions.
• When an operator adds any item into an invoice, correct price are assured to be applied automatically by INSTA which is the main aspect of any billing software.
• Sales Module has a module by name KOT (Kitchen Out Time) which generates a KOT Bill in the kitchen so that Chefs will get to know what is ordered by the customers. And Stewards will get to know which order to be given to the customer by looking at table number and hall type written on the bill.
• Here based on hall type products will be loaded with proper prices.
• If the customer demands for more items or if he wills to cancel any item, same KOT can be edited by clicking the button shown in Fig (c)(I) (written as Table No ) on right side of grid. And as shown in Fig (c) (II) items can be added or deleted based on customer demand. If new items are added to the same KOT once again a KOT bill will be generated with same KOT No.
• If the customer demands for bill, Bill can be generated and GST Amount gets automatically added to the total amount of the bill and note this amount will not be included to our sales amount until the payment is done.

Kitchen Display System

This module allows Chefs to know which order to be prepared to the customer by looking at table number and hall type. Once the order is ready they can update the status by clicking on Right Mark shown above. If all the orders of any table is ready, steward will get a notification.

Customer Orders

This module gives access to customers to place the order and to make changes to the order on their own without the help of Stewards.

Sales Report

• Sales report gives us the information of sales happened previous day, previous month.
• On selection of desired dates of report, sales report can be obtained.
• It also gives the information of Amount received by Cash and Card.
• Export to XL option is also available.
• This report gives you the information about the person who sold the items along with Bill No and Total Amount of the bill.

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